SIRE sas has begun its activity in the field of conditioning of industrial environment, trying to find out  best energy saving solutions.
This experience has allowed later on to face new themathics and to diversify the activity range through collaborations with:
-          energy’s producers, for the development in the field of alternatives sources
-          Research Agencies and one of the maximum manufacturing system world wide producer for the realization of prototypes in the field of new technologies in energetic field
       Being involved, since company very beginning, in high technology level projects has allowed us to increase our skill and knowledge, being more and more able to give effective answers to customer’s expectations.
SCRGreat experience has also been reached in thyristor power controllers (SCR) for the regulation of electrical heater’s temperature starting from a few kW up to 1,5 MW, working in industrial, chemical, petrochemical, geothermal, gas technical processes.
All systems are developed on customer’s indication and in cooperation with them and are produced in compliance with CE norms (or international normative for international markets).
All the components used in our equipments are chosen among the best known brands available on the market or are based on Client’s specifications.
We achieve the maximum quality of execution by paying great attention to the wiring of cables and to the tidy disposition of all components: the immediate identification of the different groups in the different sections of the panel assures more simplicity in case of modifications and more safety for operator in case of breakdowns.
logiche di controllo                 cablaggio micro interruttori
verifica finale
All our projects are carried out paying attention to all safety equipment issues in accordance with the EN rules of reference: the company standard includes the drafting of different documents such as Certificate of conformity and origin of all used materials, report for electrical tests of isolation, equipotential and dielectric rigidity.
Furthermore we also supply:
-  electrical diagrams                - list of components          - users manual

 schema elettrico           lista componenti        manuale

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