Sire sas has been operating in the electric equipment and device field (construction of 
control panel for industrial automation) for more than 15 years.
The company was founded in 1992 by actual owners and, since its very beginning, 
has considered critical elements for success dynamicity in operative choices and 
production flexibility, adapting quickly products to new requests: that’s why up till 
now our skills have allowed us to reach even the most difficult goal, developing 
products that aim at client’s needs satisfaction and that could answer to the most
severe national and international regulations.
We are able to assure customer’s satisfaction thanks to:
-          the study and the personalization of innovative high quality reliable products, with elevated performances at competitive prices
-          the guarantee of post-sale support, assuring short intervention time in case of problems
Our philosophy has always been to involve our clients, planning together the product - starting from the initial study of the project and the choices of components to be used – in order to give always effective answers to its expectations. Our ambition is  to supply systems “made to measure”, meaning the certainty of complete, controlled and guaranteed final products that could combine effectiveness and efficiency, paying always attention to cost profile.

interno capannone
Our operating center in Roletto (TO) has a workshop equipped for the construction and wiring of panels of all dimension, a technical department for the creation of electrical diagrams, user manuals and certifications and an administrative office for a total surface of 480 m2.
Our staff is composed by specialists that constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge in order to provide assistance through all the phases of the production, to pick in real time the changed requirements of market, to use cutting edge technology solutions and to be able to give clear and timely answers to every problem in every situation.
Our mission can be explained by following parameters:
-          entrepreneurial expansion: increase our competence and professionalism
-          research & development: attention to the evolution and innovation of information’s technologies
-          solutions turnkey: continuous qualitative improvement of our products and services
-          global partnership: work side by side with our Customers from the beginning of the plan to the starter of the machine
S.I.R.E. sas  is nowadays recognized as a global supplier, reliable, competent, professional, flexible, with product’s knowledge in its closest details.

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